Why I’m Here

Hello, World.

I started a book review blog so that I can participate in a reading challenge over at good ‘ol Pajiba. The challenge is to read 52 books in a year starting November 1st AND write a review for all of them. The truth is, as much as I read, I’m pretty slow at it–so I might not succeed, but no one is going to yell at me or give me an LOC for failing. I love reading, writing, and criticizing so I may as well try. Besides that, my best friend and I already have a mini-book club (which thus far exclusively covers the Wheel of Time series) so we’re really just consolidating our book club with Pajiba’s. Other reasons for joining in include improving my writing skills and keeping myself busy when my other half is deploys in April. (I tend to be a worrier)

So, here goes nothing. I guess my first step is to come up with some books to read. Wish me luck!


Hello world!

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