CB Book #3 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

I’m not gonna lie. I kind of loved this book.  I know a lot of people don’t take stock in self help books. With books out there like The Secret, I can see why not. The 7 Habits isn’t The Secret. It’s a much more mature book and actually helpful. The great thing about the seven habits is that most of them aren’t about effort so much as just having a different perspective on things. The book is about realizing that while you don’t have the power to change the way your boss is treating your workplace, that doesn’t mean you have to let your boss control your life. You always have the freedom to choose your response.

Some of the skills covered were listening skills, making life goals, time management, and some other miscellaneous leadership skills. Never once was Covey condescending in his writing. Often he offered his own examples at failure as examples. He writes as if he’s talking to you in a leadership class. For normal people, this would probably sound dull, but I like taking leadership courses.  I will say that Covey is highly idealistic. I’m sure you’ve met those people who truly believes that everyone is basically good and that if you treat everyone nicely, they’ll treat you nicely back. Well, he’s one of those. However, he is never so idealistic that I don’t think he makes sense.

I the the reason, I appreciated the book so much was because I could relate to it in a few ways. Covey wrote the book to be applied in both your personal and professional life. The part of me that is a brand new NCO in the Air Force learned from it and the part of me that wants to finally stop fighting with her boyfriend learned from it. To say that mastering seven “habits” will make you a perfect person is ridiculous. The book isn’t about being perfect so much as just trying to continually be a better person. So, I’m hoping that the next time my boss is a dick, Stephen Covey will be my shoulder angel and I won’t choose to respond to said boss by decking him. 🙂